House for Heironymous Bosch

Collaboration with Patricia della Sera

This is a house for a man of wild creativity with a deeply religious, hermetical personality. This is a house for Hieronymus Bosch. Buried anonymously into the heart of any Art Deco building in the world, Bosch is able to retreat from the chaotic world of the 21st century and find rest in the solitude of the production of art. Greeted by a distinct tree at the street, Bosch ascends a serpentine stair to arrive at the door. All spaces behind the door are categorized as either a “servant” or “served” space based on the function.
Hidden deep within the existing building is the Grand Salon, the finest space of the house. Edging into it are boxes of “servant” spaces over which the light wells cast light from the exterior facade. The kitchen, bathrooms, and study are housed within these wooden boxes. The walls of this large living and dining space are covered in a baroque style paneling fitted to de stijl organization. Down a few steps to the right takes Bosch through a vast library and into the studio where two stairs take him either to a meditation space or to the master bedroom. The contrast between the reclusive meditation space and the exposed master bedroom represent fully the duality of Bosch’s influence and personality: an invitation to be wildly imaginative while also thoughtfully reclusive.