I am a designer and student of the M.S. of Architecture in History, Theory, & Society program at the University of California Berkeley. 
I started and operate a monthly architectural theory book club currently meeting virtually.

I fill much of my free time with personal projects of research, design, and writing.

For 5 years, I worked as part of a core team of architects and designers on a project called Front & York. The project is a full-block, 1.3 million sf single mixed use building located in Brooklyn.
I worked on nearly all phases of this project and all components. The project is finished after 5+ years of development.

At the beginning of 2020, I began an architectural theory book club called
A Whole Bunch of Dorics.
We meet monthly over Zoom and cover wide ranging topics.

My first project at Morris Adjmi Architects was to draw over 30 full-page illustrations for a monograph on the first 20 years of the practice. The book was published in 2019 under the title A Grid and a Conversation through Images Publishing.

In 2016, upon completion of my undergraduate studies at the Fay Jones School of Architecture & Design,
I received the John G. Williams Joy in Architecture Medal. 
“This Medal is given to the graduating senior who exhibits a devotion to the profession,
a positive work ethic, and demonstrates promise of professional success” (Fay Jones School awards).

In 2015, during a semester at the UofA Community Design Center, contributed to the Mayors’ Institute on City Design South conference book, which included diagrams of each city, highlighting relevant conditions in order to help the mayors collaboratively address the future of their respective cities.

In 2014, in addition to my undergraduate studies at the Fay Jones School, I worked for David L. Murphree on an energy efficient locomotive design through 3D modeling and post-production. The final product was exhibited in 2017.

In 2014, I worked on the design and accompanying exhibit of a project entitled Semiautomatic Cenotaph. It detailed an automatically generated memorial in remembrance of the victims of mass shootings. 

In 2011, my AP Art work was exhibited along with the work of other students of the studio.

My large format drawings focused on identity transitions of personified design: desire, reclamation, & rebirth. The drawings are of mixed media: charcoal, graphite, and paint. The title of the series is on Design”.