A Grid and a Conversation

Over the course of my first 3 months at Morris Adjmi Architects, I produced over 30 digital, full-page illustrations for a monograph on the first 20 years of the firm’s work, published by Images Publishing in 2019.

I worked closely with Morris and Wesley Wolfe. I developed a graphic consistency for the various types of drawings, from standard plans and sections to details and enlarged, shaded facade elevations. See the images below for selected drawings; presented in the order that they appear.

This experience led to spearheading a collection of office standard residential unit plans and to managing the production of office standard facade design details across 25+ projects utilizing a staff of widely differing experience levels. 

55 W 17th St

found on page 83

Front & York

found on page 99

30 East 31st St

found on page 91

The Schumacher

found on page 117

11 Great Jones

found on page 155

207 West 79th St

found on page 167

363 Lafayette

found on page 171

83 Walker St

found on page page 189

Atlantic Plumbing A, B, & C

found on page 199